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At Gripman, we provide our clients with investment strategies that focus on value, stability and growth.  We believe this approach provides good returns with appropriate risk, minimizes the potential for capital loss, and ensures financial security for our individual and institutional investors.


Gripman seeks value in its equity investments by targeting securities that we believe are trading cheaply compared with their 'intrinsic value.'  Using our own proprietary cash flow analysis models, we determine an intrinsic value for equity investments based on the strength of the firm's balance sheet the stability of its revenues and its competitiveness within its industry and target those that are undervalued.  Over time these equities rise to their intrinsic value while returning alpha to our clients.

Similarly, we apply our proprietary cash flow analysis models to determine an internal credit rating for bond investments.  Building a portfolio of value-focused bonds allows us to return additional yield.  


Gripman delivers stable returns by building portfolios consisting of assets that naturally hedge the overall volatility of their entire portfolio.  For example, our multi-asset balanced strategy builds a portfolio heavily-weighted towards equities and higher quality bonds.  Our higher quality bond holdings provide a hedge against our equity positions as the performance of these assets tends to offset each other during cyclical economic downturns.  It is this mix of asset classes in our multi-asset balanced strategy that allows us to deliver stable returns.  Similarly, our enhanced cash strategy consists of bond investments which we have scrutinized for company liquidity.  By only purchasing bond investments that we believe will be fully paid at maturity, regardless of economic conditions, we deliver more stable returns.


Gripman is focused on performance.  We invest in quality companies that we believe will deliver successful growth over the long-term.  Rather than trying to time the market, we invest with the strategy of buy and hold when we select equity investments.  For fixed income investments, we propel growth by looking for risk/reward opportunities in individual bonds where we can harvest additional yield upon maturity or buyback.  Consistently reinvesting these returns compounds growth over time.  Gripman consistently strives to achieve superior performance regardless of the investment vehicle.

The Gripman Investment Philosophy