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Gripman Enhanced Cash Strategy

For the investor who is looking for an investment vehicle for their cash that yields a rate superior to most bank accounts, certificates of deposit and money-market funds, Gripman offers its enhanced cash strategy.  With this strategy, Gripman allocates capital to fixed income assets with one to three-year maturities.  This allows investors to maximize their possible yield while protecting against default risk and interest rates rising.  This strategy allows investors to generate more income out of their cash than other short-term fixed income accounts, while still maintaining access, if needed.  This strategy is well-suited to non-profits, small foundations and organizations that want a low-risk place to park cash that they don't plan to use for the next 2 to 5 years.

Gripman Options Strategy

Gripman’s option strategy is designed for investors who seek to create a high-performing portfolio that has little correlation to traditional asset classes.  Using strictly technical analysis, we combine a mix of bullish, bearish and neutral stock option strategies based on macro trends and what we are seeing in technical trends of various companies.  This strategy is particularly attractive to large institutional asset allocators who desire performance with little correlation to their traditional asset class portfolios. 

Gripman Absolute Value Balanced ​Strategy

The Gripman absolute value balanced strategy is for investors seeking a reliable payout from their portfolio while keeping volatility low.  This strategy is comprised of Gripman building a portfolio of equities and fixed income assets whose composition is balanced to deliver attractive returns while minimizing risk (see chart below). This strategy is designed for pension and retirement-focused investors seeking a portfolio whose goal is to deliver attractive income while keeping volatility low.

At Gripman, we specialize in serving the needs of individual investors and smaller institutions, groups that historically have lacked access to leading investment vehicles, with institutional quality strategies across every major asset class.  Our goal is to provide low volatility-focused, multi-asset portfolio management.  Specifically, our investment focus is to minimize the biggest risks of capital loss from each asset class and identify individual investments in equities, fixed income and options that deliver solid returns. Because each investor can have different financial goals, we offer the following strategies tailored to their individual aims.