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Our Core Beliefs

Professional & Personal

We hold ourselves to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.  As a specialized firm, we offer our clients the attention and personal relationship they desire but cannot get at a giant organization.

Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Gripman should always be aligned with our clients’ interests.  In contrast to the prevailing philosophy of “other people’s money,” we consistently put significant amounts of our own money in the investments we make.

Your Money Works Harder For You

Our client’s money should always be working for them.  We abhor “lazy money” and do not hold cash or mirror any index.

No Surprises, Just Rewards

Gripman strives to deliver reliable returns with appropriate risk.  Our portfolio performance should never surprise clients.

Columbus, Ohio

Senior Level Team

Ready to work with you and for you. 

Our Services

At Gripman, we specialize in serving the needs of individual investors and smaller institutions, groups that historically have lacked access to leading investment vehicles, with institutional quality strategies across every major asset class.  Our goal is to provide low volatility-focused, multi-asset portfolio management.

Gripman Performance


Keeping our clients informed about our investment approach and performance reflects Gripman’s commitment to transparency and an open, personal relationship with our clients.  ​