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Our Performance

Gripman Strategies Deliver Attractive Risk/Return

The ​Gripman Absolute Value Balanced

Strategy was started in 2015 and has performed well.  We use a custom benchmark of 30% Russell 1000 Value index and 70% Bloomberg Barclays US Agg 1-7 yr index to manage the portfolios in this strategy.  The strategy outperformed by over 250bp in 2018 and for the past three years has outperformed by over 200bp.

2019 YTD


We had positive returns in 2018 when most asset managers lost money.  We have continued outperform through ME Sept. 2019.

The Gripman Enhanced Cash

Strategy was started in 2018 as we had requests from clients for a cash related credit strategy that could earn attractive income.  We build portfolios using 1-3 year maturity corporate bonds of BB rated companies that have good liquidity profiles.  We use a benchmark of the Bloomberg Barclays High Yield BB 1-3 yr index to manage the portfolio.  However, since we typically lean toward quality over reaching for yield our strategy will tend to underperform this index slightly when the market is in a “risk on” mood.  

Importantly, being an emerging manager gives us some advantages over traditional asset managers and can allow us to continue to provide portfolios that deliver alpha.  Contact us to discuss how we can help serve you and your investment needs.

We have delivered strong results and capture 74% of index return with half the risk of using either a longer duration or BB Index.


At Gripman, we expect markets to remain quite volatile with periods of big swings along with the potential for interest rates to move higher for the near future.  These day-to-day fluctuations should not cause our clients to fear, though.  Our Gripman absolute value balanced strategy is designed to weather short-term fluctuations and provide solid returns.  We recognize that for investors in this strategy that capital preservation is just as important as maximizing long-term overall return.  That is why Gripman applies a matrix of capital preservation tools to guide the investment decision making process, in a disciplined way, to maximize the long term overall return to risk profile.